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Money Bail in Maryland: Should it stay or should it go?

Mar 13, 2017

On February 7, 2017, the Maryland Court of Appeals adopted a landmark rule to end the practice of holding criminal defendants in jail before their trial of they cannot afford bail.

The Maryland Public Policy Institute has already influenced the conversation over bail reform with a widely-read and shared op-ed, published in the Washington Post, in December 2016.

Improving Maryland's Business Climate

Nov 3, 2016

The Maryland Public Policy Institute invites you to the “Improving Maryland's Business Climate” reception and dinner featuring introductory remarks from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and keynote address by Maryland Department of Commerce Secretary Mike Gill.

EVENT: The Baltimore City Property Tax: How much should we cut?

Sep 11 - 24, 2015

Almost everyone agrees that Baltimore City’s property tax rate – roughly twice that of any other jurisdiction in Maryland— is an obstacle to the city’s renewal and its efforts to attract new residents and create greater economic opportunity.

What few can agree on, however, is how much the city needs to cut its tax rate to be competitive, how to achieve such cuts, and where they should be targeted.

Business Summit on Improving Maryland's Economic Competitiveness

Jan 24 - Feb 21, 2013

Business Summit Breakfast on
Improving Maryland’s Economic Competitiveness
February 21, 2013 from 8-10am

Can Maryland Tax Its Way to Prosperity?

Apr 2 - May 18, 2012

State tax collections are 53 percent higher than in 2000, yet Maryland continues to face $1 billion - plus structural deficits each year with no end in sight.

In the past decade, the state has turned to higher taxes as the only means to span the difference between spending and revenue. Large hikes in 2007 and again this year make the state's tax rates the highest in the region and some of the highest in the country. During this time, a steady stream of high earners has left the state, replaced by fewer people making significantly less money according to IRS and Census data. Is this cycle sustainable?

Join the Maryland Public Policy Institute to discuss whether raising taxes is the key to economic growth or a recipe for fiscal disaster. 

Lowering Baltimore City’s Property Tax Rate

Aug 8, 2011

Many people love city life. But Baltimore City's property tax rate - at least twice that of the rest of the state - often makes it financially impossible for people and businesses to choose. The situation is so bad the city's chief economic developer said recently that projects would not be built if not for tax and other breaks given to developers.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives to developers has not turned the city around, however. It lost 30,000 people and 53,000 jobs in the past 10 years following decades of outmigration. These figures have made many residents question the city's development strategy and pushed lowering property taxes to the top priority of most mayoral candidates this year.

Please join the Maryland Public Policy Institute at a forum to hear competing plans for lowering property taxes from mayoral candidates and other civic leaders as well as alternative plans for reviving the city.